Sections From: 101+ No B.S. Secrets to Getting Massive Amounts of Free Advertising, Publicity and Promotion For Your Product, Service, Business, Web Site, MLM or Book! By Mike Van Norden and Ron Ruiz

Here are some sections from my best-selling e-book that I wrote with Ron Ruiz. It was written in 2002, so some of the sections may mention outdated topics, but there’s still a ton of good sales and marketing advice throughout. I hope you are able to take some of these ideas and use them in your business to grow and prosper. Enjoy!

About The Authors

Mike Van Norden

Mike Van Norden is an accomplished author, publisher, speaker, publicity expert, entrepreneur, marketer and copywriter. Mike began his career getting ‘free’ advertising, publicity and promotion over a decade ago.
Mike quickly became known as the PR King at the young age of 25. By age 25 , Mike was getting “millions” of dollars in ‘free’ advertising and publicity for clients who would soon become almost “household” names. One of Mike’s clients for over 10 years, is Howard Stephen Berg (World Record Speed Reader). Howard’s massive exposure through ‘free’ publicity, led to his best-selling “infomercial”, (Mega Speed Reading), which grossed millions of dollars in sales.
Another of Mike’s was none other than Kevin Trudeau, (Mr. Mega Memory) himself. As you probably know, Mega Memory went on to become one of the best-selling information products in history. For years, you couldn’t turn on the TV, listen to the radio, or read a magazine without seeing or hearing about the Mega Memory program. And it all started with ‘free’ advertising and publicity! Mega Memory is by far the best-selling memory enhancement program to date.
And yet another of Mike’s many clients was Dr. Ted Broer, who went on to become one of the most popular radio personalities and speakers in America. Because of Mike’s efforts and PR savvy, Dr. Broer has appeared on over 2,000 radio shows across America. Dr. Broer directly attributes over $3,000,000.00 in sales of a nutrition program to Mike’s “unique” techniques for obtaining FREE advertising and publicity! Dr. Broer frequently shared the speaking platform with such notables as: George Bush, Colin Powell, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Christopher Reeves, Bill Cosby, Lou Holtz, Mary Lou Retton, George Foreman, and many other celebrities, sports icons and entertainers.
Once again, Dr. Broer’s incredible success began with getting FREE advertising and publicity for his Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy nutrition program.
Mike has “personally” orchestrated over 5,000 radio, television, and print interviews in the last decade. His clients have been featured on popular shows such as; Oprah, Regis and Kathy Lee, Montel Williams, and Leeza, Geraldo, Sally and Maury Povich to name a few. His clients have appeared on “literally” thousands of radio shows across America. Mike’s clients have appeared on such “popular” nationally syndicated radio shows as Howard Stern, Rick Dees, G. Gordon Liddy and the Bob & Tom show! In addition,
Mike’s clients have appeared on hundreds of top-rated local shows such as: the Spike O’ Dell show on WGN in Chicago, the Danny Bonaduce show in Los Angeles, the Scott Shannon Show in New York, the Steve * Vicky Show in Atlanta, the Jef and Jer Show in San Diego and “thousands” of radio shows in between!
Yes, Mike has truly won the deserved “Crown” of “Publicity King”! Now, in his thirties, Mike has decided to reveal his “amazing” secrets to entrepreneurs, business owners, information marketers, authors, speakers, entertainers, and anyone seeking the power of ‘free’ publicity.

Ron Ruiz

Ron Ruiz is a writer, publisher, copywriter and marketing consultant. He developed his skill by studying the masters like John Caples, Joseph Cossman, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy and Gary Halbert, just to name a few.
He writes and publishes “The Business Fastlane” an online newsletter and private website where he researches and reports unusual ways people are making money and how they are doing it.
Ron also produced a marketing newsletter and gave publicity and marketing support and critiques to individual members of a large national trade organization. He also taught classes for the Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Development Center on marketing, advertising and mail order. And he has applied what he’s learned in the real world and made real money.
Here are just a few of his accomplishments:
• He is editor/publisher of the popular newsletter, “The Business Fastlane.”
• Frequent contributor to the business newsletter, “The Guild” and the “Highlander Club ” published by Agora.
• One of his direct mail packages he created for a client increased response by 318% for a $2,000 product.
• Created a marketing plan and wrote copy, created marketing newsletter, and provided marketing advise for software company which resulted in 30% customer growth and only an 8-10% subscriber loss for a fee support service. (Loss had been running 50%/year)
• He combined two of his favorite hobbies and started a business that has earned him well over $100,000 in his spare time! Then he created a course on how to duplicate his business and made another quick $50,000 by direct response.


Let me say…thank you!
First off, thank you for putting your trust in me. I mean it. You’ve invested your hard earned money in this ebook, and I sincerely appreciate it. But what’s more important, is you’ve made an investment in yourself. Now, it’s my turn to respond in kind, by providing you with more for your investment than you ever imagined. All I ask, is that when you do begin to see incredible results from the information I’ve shared with you in this ebook, you’ll keep me informed about your successes! I thrive off the incredible stories I hear from people every month, thathave utilized the information contained in this unique ebook. It makes me happy.
Why this ebook is so valuable:
Over the past decade, I have been fortunate enough to be the PR expert behind some of the best selling information products in history. I refer to them as the “Two Mega’s.” Those products include the incredibly successful Mega Memory and Mega Speed Reading audio programs.
I’m sure you’ve either heard of the two programs, or even purchased one or both for your own personal use. I’ve lost track of how many millions of copies that have been sold of those two programs. But here’s what’s exciting for you! These same techniques will help you get enormous amounts of free advertising, publicity and promotion for any product, service, web site, book, or even yourself.
Listen, these techniques have worked for people in just about every conceivable business or occupation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the CEO of a major corporation, or running your small business from your own garage.

These techniques will work for you!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re promoting a book, information product, web site, insurance business, pet store, or even a magic act, these techniques will work for anyone.
The good news is, you’ve taken the first step by making a small investment in this ebook. What this says about you is… you’re a real player. A doer. A self-starter.
Why am I willing to share these secrets?
I often get asked why I’m willing to share my secrets. Sometimes, I ask myself the same question. I ask myself why I would share secrets that took me over a decade to learn, and cost me tens of thousands of dollars? I ask myself why I’m willing to share all of the secrets I’ve used to sell millions (literally) of dollars in products and services for myself and my many clients. It’s simple. My greatest rewards have come from helping others like you achieve financial success. You see, it’s not about me. It’s about you. Sure, I’ll get some small financial rewards from you investing in this ebook. But it’s a pittance compared to the financial rewards you’ll get from the contents of this ebook.

“Theory” has NO place in this ebook!
(Neither do self-proclaimed experts)

Can I be honest with you for a minute? Thanks. Nothing makes me more furious than (self proclaimed) so-called experts. These are people who have never practiced what they preach, so to speak. They are theorist and copycats. Bottom line: They’ve never done it themselves!
It makes me crazy. The truth is, all these people are capable of doing, is regurgitating useless theory. Or worse, stealing information from someone like myself who has actually done it, and sell it as their own material. Can you tell these people make me a little upset? Enough said!

So, here’s what you can count on that separates this ebook from those of theorist and copycats. Contained within this ebook, is a veritable goldmine of information. You’ll get to read about real-life case studies, see actual press releases that generated millions of dollars in sales. I’ll also reveal the secret behind one of my most successful PR campaigns ever, that generated over 100,000 visitors to my web site in only 10 days!
I’m honestly amazed at how modern technology allows me to instantaneously make this wealth of information available to you. It’s actually cool, for lack of a better word.
On occasion, I still do some consulting with individuals to help them create press releases to develop campaigns. But, I am “very” selective in who I choose to work with these days.
Oh, and I’m not “cheap” either.
Listen, I’ve earned my stripes, made millions of dollars (literally) for my clients, and giving my knowledge in this ebook is as close to free as I’ll ever get!
Quite honestly, I can’t believe I’m giving this much away for the pittance it cost.
Drum roll please. And now, without further hesitation, let’s get into the good stuff!

Publicity 1,2,3…

Let’s begin with 3 common, but very important
questions to dispel any misunderstandings or
doubts you may have about free publicity.

What is publicity?

In a nutshell, publicity is advertising that you don’t pay for or you pay very little for. It comes in many forms. It can range in scale from being on a major television show to a
short mention in your local newspaper. It could be in the form of a radio show or a mention in another person’s product. Whatever form it comes in, it’s extremely valuable for your company no matter what product or service you have.

Free Advertising Vs. Paid Advertising?

Besides the obvious factor that promotion or free publicity is low cost or free . . . a more important reason is, free publicity that it is usually more effective than normal advertising!
Why? Think about it . . . when you see an “ad” you know someone’s trying to sell you something. However, when you read an “article” about a product or service, it comes across as “news”. Result . . . people read it with less skepticism.
Another benefit is the credibility factor. If you read something in the paper, it must be true, right? You can take the article you get published, make copies of it and give them out to your potential clients. It makes a big impact on your prospects to read about YOU and YOUR product, business, book, web site or service in a local paper or even a national publication.
Still another reason is the testimonial factor.
Let me explain. If I tell you how great my product or service is, what is the result? Sure, I either come across as a bragger or a self-promoter. But what happens if one of your trusted friends recommends my product or service.

More believable? You bet!

It may have taken your friend years to build credibility with you. Instead of having to wait years to build up my own credibility, I instantly “borrowed” it from your friend instead.
This is the heart of joint ventures and endorsed mailings.
Now what if the media brags on you a little? Even better, they may be reaching tens of thousands of people who trust them!! Despite how you may feel personally, most
people accept the media as unbiased journalists who are out there protecting us.
Now do you have a little better idea of why these promotion techniques can be so effective?

Why would editors be interested in my business, it’s just a ________?

It doesn’t matter what type of product, business, web site, book or product you have, the answers the same.
TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, or newsletters, all provide information and are looking for news and unique stories of interest to their readers.
That creates a huge problem. Editors, show hosts and producers need and are always looking for interesting stories and information to provide their audience and fill space. So they need you!
Once you know how to play the game, you will be in a great position to help the media with their problem. While it’s true that most things about your business or product probably don’t seem news worthy, with a little “twist,” even the most boring subject can become an interesting story.
But in order to do so, you must come up with an “angle.”
We’ll talk more about this later. But first let’s get down to the basics…

Press Release 101

The heart of getting free advertising is the press release.
This is a critical skill that you must learn to be really successful.
Learning this skill alone is worth 100 times the price of the ebook…so let’s get going!

Structuring Your Release-Step-by-Step

On the next page is a very successful press release that generated over 890 unique visitors to my web site and $3,328 in sales in the first 72 hrs! It went on to generate tens of thousands of dollars in sales and over 27 articles. Most of the website visitors also left their email address for future solicitation. Imagine what it would have cost to drive nearly a thousand unique visitors to your web site?
We’ll get into the specifics of exactly HOW to capture those email addresses later in this ebook. Keep in mind, it cost me less than $50 to fax this release out. That’s the power of free publicity. How much advertising would it take to generate over $3,000.00 in sales in 72 hrs?
Note: A friend told me I was crazy to include this successful release in this inexpensive ebook. He said we should only include it in our complete publicity courses or sell it individually for at least $100 or more. From a business standpoint he’s probably right, but Ron and I decided to give you the most valuable information possible in this ebook, despite it’s low cost.
That’s why the examples alone in this ebook are worth 100 times the cost. It only takes ONE (decent) press release to make your investment back many times over.
This press release is literally a “template” that could be worth thousands of dollars to you in the very near future.
First, read it in it’s entirety then we’ll break down each element step-by-step. Once you understand it, you will be able to simply “plug in” your own product or service information and have your own killer release.
Note: The original formatting was one page, double spaced. Here, I’ve condensed it to save space.

Attention: Assignment Editor
Special Report By World’s Fastest Reader Makes Reading Newspaper More Fun.
It’s no secret that we’re living in the age of information. In addition to information overload, people are leading very busy lives. Most people would enjoy reading the entire newspaper or their favorite magazine, but many times feel overwhelmed with all of the information. In many cases, people find it just as challenging to get ahead in their careers, school or even hobbies they enjoy.
Now, a special report by the World’s Fastest Reader, Howard Stephen Berg, is helping people overcome this feeling of information overload. Mr. Berg’s report makes reading more fun and interesting. This free special report is entitled, “Reading Secrets of the World’s Fastest Reader.” In Mr. Berg’s free special report, he explains the same methods he uses to improve reading speed, comprehension, and memory. Mr. Berg says, “once people learn to read and comprehend better, it makes reading more fun.”
To view this special report, visit Mr. Berg’s web site at ([website]). To receive this free special report by mail, send this article and long self-addressed envelope to: [address]

Now, let me take you step-by-step through my thinking on an actual press release.

First of all I recommend 3 paragraphs, with 300-400 words double-spaced.


Special Report By Worlds Fastest Reader Makes Reading Newspaper More Fun.
First off, take a look at this headline. Do you see the genius behind this approach? If not, let me explain . . .
What is the editor’s #1 concern when considering material for a story or placement?
Their concern is, will it get READ! Now, put yourself in the editor’s shoes for a minute. How could they NOT want to make reading more FUN and enjoyable for their readers.
Now do you see the psychology behind this approach?
This is just one of many approaches to get your story placed or picked up on. All you need to do, is give a compelling “benefit” to the readers in your headline.
There’s truly no end to the possibilities you can conger up from this one example. I hope you understand how truly valuable this example is.

First paragraph:

Note-I’m showing the actual press release paragraphs in italics to make it easy to differentiate from my explanation. You should NOT use all italic typestyle in your actual release.

It’s no secret that we’re living in the age of information. In addition to information overload, people are leading very busy lives. Most people would enjoy reading the entire newspaper or their favorite magazine, but many times feel overwhelmed with all of the information. In many cases, people find it just as challenging to get ahead in their careers, school or even hobbies they enjoy.

Do you see what I’ve done in the first paragraph?
I’ve addressed the problem or concern that many readers (including editors) face everyday.
It’s information overload my friends. We all deal with it in one way or another. Think of your own life. Are their books you’d like to read, but just haven’t found the time? Do you check your email some mornings, only to find a box full of email you’d like to be able to read in half the time?
Of course, we all do. So as you can see, this is the reasoning for the first paragraph of this release.

Second Paragraph

Now, a special report by the World’s Fastest Reader, Howard Stephen Berg, is helping people overcome this feeling of information overload. Mr. Berg’s report makes reading more fun and interesting. This free special report is entitled, “Reading Secrets of the World’s Fastest Reader.”
In Mr. Berg’s free special report, he explains the same methods he uses to improve reading speed, comprehension, and memory. Mr. Berg says, “once people learn to read and comprehend better, it makes reading more fun.”

Now, lets take a look at what I’ve done in the second paragraph.
Remember, in the first paragraph I addressed the concern. Now, in the second paragraph, I’m offering help, in the way of a “special report” to not only address the concern, but
eradicate the concern.
The solution, of course, is the special report. I hope you’re following my reasoning and psychology behind this structure. Like I alluded to earlier, there’s a plethora of possibilities by following this template.

Third Paragraph

Finally, let’s take a look at the last paragraph in the release.
To view this special report, visit Mr. Berg’s web site at ([website]). To receive this free special report by mail, send this article and long self-addressed envelope to: [address]

As you can see, I’ve addressed the problem or concern, I’ve offered a solution to the problem (special report) and now I’m going to let the readers know HOW to get this special report.
Remember, you want to give the reader every available means of getting their hands on your special report.
This is THE most important paragraph in your release.
Now it’s time to let the reader know how to get your information. If you have a web site, put this special report on your web site, and give your URL in the release. If not, you can include your mailing address only, and ask the reader to send you a (self-addressed) stamped envelope. In a perfect world, you need to make your report available on your web site AND via mailing address.
Why a stamped, self-addressed envelope? Since they pay the postage it’s FREE for you to send your special report/sales letter to a person who’s shown interest. Besides, what if you hit it big and receive thousands of inquiries? Do you want to address all of those envelopes or pay for all that?
Of course not!
This one tip alone will save you lot’s of time and money. Remember, be sure to include credible and informational material as promised in your release. Do NOT just send a blatant sales letter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not include a phone number in your press release. Editors ‘frown’ on a release that gives a phone number for product information. They consider it a blatant ‘pitch’ for your product, service, business, book etc. This tip alone is worth the measly cost of this ebook. It could save you hundreds of dollars in faxing or mailing costs by getting your release used, not trashed!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this step-by-step breakdown of a super successful press release. There’s simply not anyone reading this who couldn’t apply this same structure to promote their business, book, event, charity, product, service or web site.
The possibilities are truly unlimited. I’ve made it easy for ou by giving you the exact structure of a super successful press release. I know it will be of tremendous value to you in the very near future.
If you thought this was valuable, be sure to check out our complete publicity courses. They contain over 30 different proven releases for a variety of businesses and services.

More “Do’s” of a Press Release!!

As we’ve already discussed, the heart of getting free advertising is the press release. Here are more secrets to writing winning releases.
This is a critical skill that you must learn to be really successful. Learning this skill alone is worth 100 times the price of the ebook.
So lets get going.
From time to time, I’ll have friends of mine in the media send me samples of press releases they’re receiving from PR firms, ordinary people, corporations, etc. I’m amazed at how “horrific” some of these releases are. One of the releases was so bad, that I didn’t know whether to laugh out loud or cry! There’s simply no other way to describe how I felt about it. It was horrible! It’s amazing how many people have no clue how to properly construct a press release. ONE mistake could mean the difference between a “feature” story and getting tossed in the trash. So, I’m going to share with you the 5 steps to a “killer” press release.

1. Always “double” space your releases.
This is so critical to remember. Editors need space in between sentences to make notes, change sentence structure, add or delete words, etc. Failure to follow this rule, tells them you’re a NOVICE!
2. Never send more than ONE page.
Editors are very busy people. They do NOT want to know your life history. If you can’t sum up what you’re about in one page, there’s something wrong!
3. Don’t get fancy with your release.
I’ve seen people actually send a press release on “blue” paper. What in the world were they thinking! Also, I recently heard a story about someone sending a press release in the shape of a heart around Valentine’s Day…DUMB!
Editors don’t give a ‘hoot’ about your ability to be creative. They want news or substance. With rare occasion, this kind of ‘fluff’ is guaranteed to get your release trashed! Always send white, 8 1/2 by 11 letter sized paper. Period!
4. Always put: For Immediate Release in the upper left hand corner and your contact information in the opposite right-hand corner.
Contact information should include your name, phone number, fax number and email address. This will show editors that you know your stuff. It will keep you from being one of the hundreds of releases that are “instantly” trashed because other novices didn’t follow the rules. If the release is time sensitive, replace “immediate release” with “For release after________ or For release the week of ____________” etc.
5. Have a newsworthy headline.
You MUST get the editors attention with your headline. If you don’t, you’re history! Example: Bob Smith is a small business owner who owns a pet grooming shop. I’ll assume he’s trying to get a write-up in the local paper about his new business.

Here’s a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ example of an event driven headline.

Bad Example:
Bob Smith Opens New Pet Grooming Service In Modesto.
That’s Pitiful. Sadly, this is what most people would use for a headline. Do you realize this headline is nothing but a “pitch” for Bob’s service? The first thought that would come to the editors mind is…take out an ad pal! How could you blame them?
People are paying big money to run ads in their newspaper or magazine, and you’re essentially asking the editor to promote your service for free. But because you were smart enough to invest in this ebook, you won’t make this mistake, now will you.
Now, here’s a headline that would blow the doors off Bob’s pet grooming store, by turning it into a media event!

Good Example:
Modesto Man To Donate All Proceeds Of New Pet Grooming Business To Local Humane Society This Saturday
Now, there are several reasons for writing the headline in this manner.
1. The media ‘loves’ to cover this type of event.
2. It seems as if the newspaper is sponsoring the event.
3. It’s very likely the media will be at the event, and give Bob even more FREE PUBLICITY!
4. It builds a tremendous customer base for Bob almost immediately without advertising expense.
I hope you realize how powerful this type of approach can be.

More on the All Important (Angle) or (Hook)

Every press release you write must have some type of a hook or angle.
What makes your product or business unique, and stand above all the rest? Are you the king or queen of fitness in your area? Are you an expert on ‘parenting’ issues. Maybe you know more about ‘plants’ than anyone else alive. Do you consider yourself an expert on pets? Maybe you’re an expert on real estate or insurance. Maybe you know more about sports or even sailing than most people.
It really doesn’t matter what your expertise is, you can ‘package’ yourself to get free media exposure.
Another way of looking at it is to ask yourself the question,
“What makes my product or service newsworthy?”
Before you answer…nothing! Please keep reading because every product or service has an angle…if you know how to find it!
The first thing people need to realize is that it all goes back to you’re not trying to sell your product. So the hook is not going to be, “We’ve got a great deal on our product, give us a call.” The editors or producers will tell you to take out an ad. Can you blame them? Of course not.
Remember, our job is to create a press release that is newsworthy, compelling to the editors or producers, unique in content or can be tied into local or national events.
Also, we discussed earlier with Bob the pet groomer, you can create your own event! Offer to provide something for your readers that they can use, they can apply and it’s not going to cost them a dime.
When I write a press release that is the tactic I take. Remember the press release we just analyzed?
The headline was:
“Worlds Fastest Reader Offers Free Report That Makes Reading Newspapers More Fun.”
There were a couple of things I offered to the media. The first is a free report. That’s not threatening is it? Their readers are getting it free and it gets them to want to read the newspaper.
So the editors think, “Well great. This report is going to make people want to read the newspaper even more.” This is good psychology. They read it and think, “Wow, the worlds fastest reader is going to tell our people how they can enjoy our publication even more than they already do.”
That’s the reason I did it. But also, I’m offering them something for nothing as far as they’re concerned. Of course when they get to the website I’m going to get their e-mail, I’m going to pitch them something, but I don’t make it that obvious.

Interested in reading more? See Part 2 of my best-selling e-book here!

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