Know Your Consumer: They Are What Makes Your Business Successful


It is crucial that you conduct your business with your customer in mind. A key to your business’ success is knowing who your customers are and taking that knowledge of them into consideration when you’re determining which course of marketing is going to be the most effective to drive more customers to your business. In […]

How to Use An Understanding of Human Psychology to Sell Anything


Having a successful sales process is essential for every business. If your business is struggling to stand out against the competition, there is likely an inefficiency with the business development tactics. However, it can be fixed, by utilizing a more finely tuned understanding of how the psychology of your customers relates to the business, the […]

The First Steps To Good SEO, And What To Watch Out For

A lot of people who set out to become “salesmen” or “marketers” often have just a foundational knowledge of SEO and how that operates, if any at all. You are likely here hoping to increase your repertoire of knowledge about SEO, because it’s often much more complex than people initially realize. I’ve been doing online […]

Marketing Mike Interviewed By Perry Marshall

World’s most respected authority on Google advertising interviews legendary sales & marketing consultant on strategies to dramatically increase profits & survive the upcoming social media armageddon Mike Van Norden and Perry Marshall Graphic[/caption] Mike Van Norden World’s foremost sales & marketing consultant specializing in real world, results based strategies. Perry Marshall World’s most sought-after expert […]

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